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Okinawa here we come!

I know we've been here a minute but we're just getting over the jet-lag and the boss is a bit cranky without her sleep. First things first... The boss was kind enough to share her vacation with me so I figured I'd share a bit of it with you. This is me. Hi! I'm Stella. I've taken on the roll as her sidekick on this amazing journey taken to fill her heart and see her little girls again. She couldn't be prouder of her Marine but possibly, just maybe we can get her a little closer to home on her next enlistment. It's been almost a year and technology is good but there's just somethin missin when you can't wrap your arms around someone and squeeze.

She isn't alone. She brought her oldest Kimberlyn and her BF Ikaika, he's got all the cool knowledge about Japan and is super fun to listen to. I just gotta say they fly MUCH better than the boss. She's a bit of a scaredy squirrel and jumps at every shake and shimmy of the plane. I mean seriously! I thought she may loose her acorns a few times. Kimberlyn said the bumps were just potholes and some needed a bit more gravel than others. Made the boss smile so it seemed to calm her nerves a bit. Personally, I think it was the plum whine served just after takeoff but we'll never be sure.

I napped most of the way, tucked cozy in the boss's lap. We'll say I became her emotions support squirrel. That is until the in-flight meal showed up! Oh man you'da thought we were in first class with all the goodies they gave us. The flight attendants were just the nicest ever. A few hours into the flight it was time for an even bigger surprise! WE GOT GRUB!!! Not just your simple peanuts and pretzels ladies and gentlemen. I mean we got full on hot meal with icecream ta boot!! The boss and Kimbers enjoyed their feast and watched Little Mermaid while I took a snooze.

A short taxi ride and possibly a few blocks walk with all the bags later and we found our apartment for the week. OK OK so the language barrier issues were completely the boss's fault. I mean I speak squirrel, not

Japanese! But never fear she has learned from her little mistake and Google translate in now her best friend.

Getting into the apartment was a bit of a struggle. I've seen panic rooms easier to get out of than it was to get into this one but they finally found the mailbox, got the lock-box from the mailbox and the key from the lock-box and it was 6 floors up to a cute little penthouse apartment and some really comfy beds. But to be honest I think the boss would'a taken a park bench and a pillow at that point. 10 pm Japan time was our 6 am the next day so it had been a very long day. Not to fear the team recovered nicely and it was off to see the city the next day. Kokusai Dori was amazing! This is the most colorful city I've ever seen! Not that I have a real expansive view from my knothole back home but... Anyways...

In the town center where the crew went to change their USD in Yen, there was a screen playing techno with brightly colored dancing characters. The boss's favorite part had to be all the dragons. She kept stopping to look at each shop to find the perfect ones. There wasn't a shop we went into, and we hit A LOT of shops, where someone didn't welcome us in with a smile. We did find a few dragons the boss is bringing home and I'm sure before long we'll find a few more. Did you know they come in pairs? A very nice shop owner pointed out to us how the one with the open mouth is the boy and the one with the closed mouth is the girl. You can see this all over the city and it's super cool!

We took a short break from the shopping for a treat. STARBS!!!! The caffeine was a must at this point and it was nice to miss the downpour outside. Did I mention Okinawa is in their typhoon season? I got to try a few special drinks they don't make in the states and on my acorns the snacks here are amazing!

All in all it was an all around amazing first day of our trip. Just look at the haul we managed to bring back home with us! I do believe I may have to find a bigger tree if we keep shopping like this. Check back in tomorrow because we're hitting the stationary stores!!!

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