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CPC Weekend - And Here We Go!

Well this little squirrel is plum tuckered out and on the way back to my warm knothole in the oak. I do have a bit of time to kill while the boss takes a snooze on our flight so I thought I'd pop in and tell you all about the fun we had this weekend! And I'm not gonna lie, the boss made out like raccoon on trash night! You wouldn't believe all the amazing goodies she has stashed away in her suitcase!

Just look at this table we got lucky enough to sit at. Shady Pines Paper Co. absolutely spoiled us with amazing planner goodies. It was a travel theme which seems to be very fitting this year for the boss. My personal favorite was the 12 month sticker kit but the boss was taken with the planner first aid kit complete with folding travel scissors. I may or may not have squirreled away the super cute glass tumbler to keep it safe on the flight home. I mean she has plenty of planner swag I should get something right? Right?

The bosses first class of the day was to learn all about fountain pens. It's amazing how much we learned. And I thought she knew it all. I mean it's a pen. SHE HAS THOUSANDS! She now has 1001 and it's this beauty right here. Like I said... spoiled!

Then there was the watercolor class. Another

craft the boss is very fond of but never got the nerve to try. Would you look at this squirrel size watercolor kit! All the colors and tools you need in a tiny little Altoids tin. OK it's decided. Yep... that's mine. She'll never miss it. A perfect little after acorn craft for me on those cold fall nights. Now if I could just get her to teach me how to make those pretty little leaves and flowers she learned...

There was just one more thing we needed to do to check off our Chicago budget list and that was a true Chicago Dog. Not to worry

DoorDash did not disappoint! We had Portillo's delivered to enjoy at the hotel. It was amazing! I do believe the boss had two they were so good. Check and Check!

With tummies full of grub and sticker fixes completely fixed, it was time to tuck in our tails for some much needed rest. I thought about heading out to look at the city lights while the boss got her beauty sleep but knew there was an early day coming and turned in with them.

I know you want to hear the rest but it's getting late and I promise I'll finish once we pull out all the sash tomorrow. And what a stash it is!

Thanks for following us on our adventures.

~ Stella

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1 Comment

Nov 06, 2023

Shoot! Wish I would have known you were there earlier; I would have sought you out! Shady Pines Paper Co has such GOOD stuff! I also went to the fountain pen workshops! In my experience,CPC has never disappointed! Glad you (and the boss 😉) enjoyed yourselves!

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