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Oki Day Two - Done and Dusted!

Our day started out a little wet and windy, I thought my tail might just fly away! The weather changes so quickly here. We started off at the Makishi Public Market tasting some of the local favorites. I was told the donuts were amazing but, as I'm a bit partial to acorn cake, so I passed. We walked in and out of vendor stalls with all colors of amazing fabrics and delicious flavors of foods to try.

Have you ever tried sea grapes? I was skeptical at first but like they say, "When in Rome". The boss loved them. She got some to take home for a snack. I'll stick with the dried fruit and black sugar we picked up at one of our last stops. Oh that black sugar will pair so nicely with my new green tea. I can see it now sipping a nice warm cup and watching the fall sunset from my knothole back home. hmmmm...

Oh! Sorry! Where was I? Oh yes the market! The boss is REALLY bad at getting things for herself so Kimberlyn made her get the most beautiful fan to use while we're here. The gentleman in the shop opened just about every color and style for us to drool over. I may or may not have bribed her with an extra acorn or two and got one for myself. Can you guess which one the boss picked??? Hold on I'll show you. Isn't it amazing???

So now we both have a new fan to keep us cool... ok cooler on the long walks back to the apartment. The market was amazing but it was time to move on. Do you know where we went next??? TO THE STATIONARY STORE!!!!!

Have you ever seen a stationary store three, yes, I said THREE STORIES tall??? This place was taller than my tree and my old oak is 70 years old! I was in squirrely heaven. There were pens of every brand, shape, color and size. I thought the boss had them all.

Well, I was totally wrong. Don't tell her favorite nut but we may or may not have gotten just a few more. Shhhhh he'll never know.

My little squirrel heart was all a twitter as we walked up and down the rows of stickers, pens, papers and planners. How can anyone ever leave a place like this? I mean HELLO! PENS! I'd give my last acorn to move my tree to the back corner just for a little bit but I'm not sure the boss would be happy with me.

By the end of this shopping trip we were all a bit overwhelmed. We decided to pack it in for the day. This was a pretty full day two. We're off to the mall tomorrow. So stay tuned to see our haul because it should be a good one.


~ Stella

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