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New Year New Surprises!

Happy 2023 from the Holly Hill team. With a new year come new changes and we're happy to have you along for the ride. We have so much in store for you this coming year and we're excited to share it all with you. With new years comes new resolutions. I have a few I'm going to do my level best to keep this year. This blog is one of them. One a week is my goal, two if I'm lucky. So here goes!

It's been a little waterlogged here in "sunny" California and I know I'm ready for some much needed out in the garden time but that'll have to wait just a little longer. So instead of digging in the dirt to help grow my beautiful flowers, I dug in my bead stash to bring you NINE new freebies to collect. Each clip just as beautiful as the next. Along with the new clips I'd like to introduce my amazing group of squirrel ambassadors who have become part of our family scurry. They bring all the new little nuts from our shop to you. Without them this small business wouldn't exist.

First there's our squirrel wrangler. I'd be lost without her. Janet is the scurry manger and does an amazing job. She's a transplant to the northeast but a true PNW girl at heart. She's not just a squirrel wrangler but a mom to three amazing adult daughters. Now retired she gets to devote all her time (fulltime) playing with planners, stickers, and charms Did you know she's a partner in the amazing sticker shop DoodleBeary?

Want her charm? Just add LIFETIME coupon code when you checkout.

Christine is a mom to four amazing kids. She's also part on my real squirrel scurry and I get to call her my little sister. She's the quiet one of the team and still a squirrel in training but being the bossy one, I won't let her quit the team and hey... you get an additional freebie design out of it!

Just add SASSY15 at checkout to get her charm.

Michelle is one of our newer squirrels but it's like she's been with us all along. She's a special needs mom from Michigan and a late blooming homesteader. When she's not showing off all our sparkly planner nuts, she's nana to 3 littles and countless fur/feather babies. If you didn't notice from her charm, she loves purple along with chocolate and sewing. I met Michelle when I just couldn't live without one of her amazing hand sewn planner/TN covers. Haven't checker her out yet? Planning with Jakob's Latter has amazing goodies!

Just add MICHELLE15 at checkout to get her charm.

Misty was born in Louisiana and has lived there her whole life. She's a squirrel with a need to help. Her positivity and bright spirit warms up our scurry and will always make us smile. She loves animal and is a momma to some adorable fur babies!

Need her charm?? Make sure to add MISTY15 at checkout.

Michelle is part of a first responder family. This could also explain her love of all thing's coffee! She also loves to dance. We're blessed to have her join this crazy group of ours.

I just love this charm and may or may not have kept one for myself. If you need it as much as I did just add MICHE15 at checkout.

Holly has been a member of our scurry for quite some time. We're so glad she's with us. Holly is a mom to a son and a daughter who are both grown. This leaves her lots of time to play with the planner sparkles and stickers. She's got her hands full being a fur momma to her puppy. She's also inspiring the Head Squirrel to explore and branch out to TikTok so stay tuned.

Her sweet charm can be yours by adding HOLLY15 at checkout.

Jubilee is also one of my original squirrels. She's an amazing and hardworking nurse who loves planning and all things sparkly. (I personally know she's a Harry Potter fan too) She stumbled into the planner community, and we are so glad she did and fell headfirst into the addiction that is decorative planning. I do believe she's got a larger collection of HH bling and all of us!

Her bright charm can be added using JUBILEE15 when checking out.

Then we have our Texas lady! Olga has a love of beautiful things! She loves shopping for handbags, shoes, jewelry and clothes. She's a lady after my heart because we both share the love of scrapbooking! A hidden obsession that now has a partner in crime. We're so happy to have her!

To get her charm add OLGA15 when checking out.

So now here's the funny thing... I may or may not have messed up and made an additional design. I guess it's my turn to have a charm! I'm a mom of the most amazing women. My oldest is raising my favorite (ok so their my only so far) grandkids, my middle daughter loves her momma enough to make me her ride or die Dutch Bros sticker partner and my youngest is currently serving her country on ship off the Japanese coast as a member of the US Marie Corp. I do believe they are the three best daughters in the entire world. So now I'm an empty nester and share my VERY quiet home with my husband (my kids said I had to keep him even though he's a stinky boy) and some incredibly crazy pets. If you missed out on them, they all have their own jobs here at Holly Hill and you can get to know them on our "Squirrel Squad" page.

If you want the final flower in our little garden add HEADSQUIRREL at checkout.

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