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Gramma's Jewelry Box

Always fun but never frumpy...

Did you ever get the chance to play in the treasure box of bits and bobbles your gramma kept? I did. The box was pink satin and smelled of Chanell when I opened it. A special mix of brightly colored acrylic magic. The more I could put on at once the fancier I felt. I'd walk down the hallway beads clacking all the way.

We've brought the fun, fancy feeling back with our new line. Gramma' Jewelry box will have a new drop of magic each week for the next three weeks. There's a color in this collection to make everyone happy. If you're like me, one just isn't enough. I refuse to grow up and this amazing bit of color helps me do just that.

Feel like having breakfast at Tiffany's? Well, this beauty will be the perfect accessory! Each set will automatically come on a bulldog clip, but you'll have the option to customize to a charm or a ring binder tail.

Need a little more fun and whimsy and a little less elegance for your layout? Here's a colorful mix full of texture and sparkle just perfect for Spring! These are just a few of the colorways we have available!

Don't miss all the new styles!

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