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Bits of This and Scraps of That for Those Memories I Want to Share

Have you ever fallen down a rabbit hole you just can't, or don't really want to pull yourself out of? I think I may have done just that.

I've been a bit lost these past few months. Needing to be creative but not really feeling it. My kids have moved away and there's just not as much to put down in my planner anymore. Don't get me wrong I adore my planner and will never stop using her but my planning has changed. It's moved from scheduling ballet recitals and basketball games to writing down all the amazing adventures my kids tell me about in their adult lives in those little daily boxes. I've also started to journal how I feel when the house is just too quiet or when I need to tell someone about my day. It's been good for me.

Since Covid I've started working from home. I always thought it would be everything to just wake up, put on some workout pants and head to the studio for work. But I bring more home with me than I thought I ever would. You lose the time from the office to the front door that helped to decompress. It was easier to "leave it at the door" when the door was more than just a few steps away.

If this lockdown has taught me anything, it's taught me how important our mental health is. So after making myself journal for at least a few minutes at the end of every day, I found I was better off.

I was feeling a bit more creative so I thought I'd write down some adventures of my own. Maybe my girls would want to see all the things they had missed while they were away. Then I thought, where will I keep all these adventures? I wanted pictures and stories to go with them. Then I started to remember how much I loved scrapbooking.

Remember that time before our life in pictures lived inside our phones? I do. So I pulled out my memory making kits and fell head first down the Junk Journal rabbit hole. I met some amazing artist who inspired me and made me excited to try this new craft. Then I started to gift one or two to some amazing people who I thought might want to share their adventures too.

This is just one of those journals I hope is filled with amazing adventures and the people they meet along the way. I have a few more I'll be sharing. Some are mine and some I'll put here for someone else to fill with special memories. But each one will be unique and something I hope brings light into someone's life.

Just a little acorn I wanted to share with you.

The Head Squirrel

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1 Comment

This is lovely. Made my heart very happy for you and made me reflect on my own mental health in the past few years. Thank you for this!!

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