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This charm was created with pure intention. All stones and herbs will be cleansed before they are sent to their new home. The penny is a special one. This penny was collected years ago and gifted to me by my grandfather when he passed. It's a little luck from me to you.


Within the bottle I've added herbs which all bring luck and prosperity:






The stones used

Malachite - Used for defense from dark energy

Sunstone - For positive decisions

Tigers Eye - To lessen stress and protect from negative energy

Labradorite - Creates an energy barrier

Quartz - Used to amplify your energy

Green Aventurine and Jade - For prosperity and wealth



Hematite - To bring you balance

Quality and Materials

~ While I take extra care to tuck in all sharp edges, metal findings, paperclip, wire and lobster clasp misuse could cause damage to your inserts or notebook. We are not liable for any damages that these could cause.

~Any lampwork beads used are artisan created and properly kiln annealed for strength.

~ It is important to note this is a handmade item and contains glass. Parts can break if subjected to mistreatment.

~Due to the nature of the glass used in our stained glass items no two pieces will be exactly the same but we do our best to pull the best parts of the glass to give you the most unique colors and patterns..


Third Eye Chakra Paper Clip

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